chuck_weaver“Judge Cusack has proven his ability as an Associate Judge in the Juvenile Delinquency Court to both bring efficiency to the courts as well as create savings for the taxpayer. I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy.”

Chuck Weaver State Senator November 1, 2016

david-leitch “Judge Cusack is an outstanding example of an experienced, common sense professional we need as a Circuit Court judge. It will be my honor to vote for you, your Honor.”

David Leitch State Representative November 1, 2016

ryan-spain “Judge Cusack is an outstanding judge who brings fairness, integrity, and strong legal knowledge to the bench.  He is the model of a conservative judge (for Peoria County) and I am pleased to endorse him.”

Ryan Spain City Councilman November 1, 2016

rebecca-steenrod “Tim Cusack is well recommended by those who have worked with him, myself included.  His integrity is beyond reproach.”

Rebecca Steenrod Retired Circuit Judge November 1, 2016

joe-vespa “I have long known Tim as a friend and incredibly versatile (and able) lawyer and judge. He’s also a great family man and lifelong Peorian. He’s got my vote.”

Joe Vespa Retired Circuit Judge November 1, 2016

mike-mccoy “Tim Cusack has always been fair to those who have appeared before him as an Associate Judge. I have no doubt, he will continue to be fair as a Circuit Judge.”

Mike McCoy Sheriff November 1, 2016

jim-ardis “I’ve known Tim Cusack for nearly his whole life.  Our family has deep roots in Peoria.  He understands our community and has worked hard throughout his life to improve Peoria.  I am proud to see Tim run for Resident Circuit Judge.  He’ll do a great job.“

Jim Ardis Peoria Mayor November 1, 2016

darin-lahood “As a former federal prosecutor I understand the need for great judges. Tim Cusack has proven that he can run a courtroom well and that he is able to enact reforms that improve service in the court system. Tim Cusack will make a great Circuit Judge.”

Darin Lahood Congressman November 1, 2016

hedy-elliot “Judge Tim Cusack is invested in our community through both his public and community service. He is very passionate in making the lives of abused and neglected children better by finding them safe and permanent homes. I am honored to support him.”

Hedy Elliott Community Volunteer November 1, 2016

eric-turner “Judge Cusack has been an excellent Associate Judge, working hard to reach out to all Peoria County residents to ensure they receive fair treatment and swift justice in the Court system. He helped establish Veterans Court and Juvenile Drug Court. I am confident he will continue to deliver for our community as a Resident Circuit Judge.”

Eric Turner City Councilman November 1, 2016

aeschliman "We have known Tim for over 30 years.  He is a person of impeccable ethics, integrity and character.  He is the most experienced candidate and brings common sense, honesty, and good family values to the bench."

Dan & Angie Aeschliman November 7, 2016

jackson "Ernestine and I wanted you to know that we are supporting TIM CUSACK for Circuit Judge in Peoria County.  We have known Tim for more than 20 years and you can be assured that he is a person of integrity and good character.  He brings common sense, excellent legal abilities, good judgment and a high standard of ethics to the Circuit Judge position."

Donald R. Jackson Attorney at Law November 7, 2016